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15th August: New ANYDOOR Hinge Jig OUT NOW!

The AnyDoor is the first modular router jig designed to fit doors from 2'6" to 9'.

  • Modular Rail Construction allows the jig to be adjusted from 2’6” to 9’ out of the box, including all standard door sizes (6’6”, 6’8”, 7’0”, 8’0”, 9’0”).
  • Twin-Rail System provides unlimited hinge positions within the rail, making the jig perfect for both new and replacement installations.
  • Radius Hinge Compatibility allows fast and accurate installation of square, ¼” radius or ⅝” radius hinge profiles.
  • Attachment Options allow the jig to be secured with either bradawls for speed (included) or no.6 woodscrews for maximum stability.
  • Lightweight Anodized Aluminum Rails for optimum strength, durability, accuracy and a smooth router running surface.
  • Tough Carry Bag stores pre-built jig sections to minimize assembly time.

Ideal For:

- Covers all standard door sizes (6’6”, 6’8”, 7’0”, 8’0”, 9’0”)
- Installation of hinges on both door and door frame/lining
- Unrestricted hinge positions – perfect for new and repair
- Square, 1/4” and 5/8” Radius Hinge compatible
- Ultra-small, non-standard doors

4th April:

Pocket Hole Screws

The accessory screw packs for the Trend pocket hole jointing system were previously supplied in plastic ‘clamshell’ packaging. This has been replaced by cardboard boxes. This change is estimated to save 2.3 tonnes of plastic entering the waste stream per year. 

25th January: 

Plastic Lamination on Cartons

We are reviewing our carton boxes for plastic lamination coating. The plastic lamination on the box creates challenges for recycling, so where possible we will remove plastic lamination on the packaging. Examples include removing plastic lamination on header cards, labels. Examples include LOCK/JIG/B, DWS/HG/SET

25th March: 30% Recycled Abrasives Packaging


From launch the highly successful, Trend range of abrasives, have been packaged in cardboard boxes, and we are now in the process of using cardboard that comprises of 30% recycled content.

11th March: Hand Tools Packaging

Hand Tools Multiscribe Pro & Corner Chisel

Trend’s Multiscribe Pro and Corner Chisel were packaged in a plastic sliding blister packaging. As part of the initiative, they were changed to cardboard boxes. The estimated saving per year on these two products alone is over 300kg of plastic.

29th February: Diamond Sharpening Switch to Cardboard

Diamond Sharpening Tools

Trend’s diamond sharpening range packaging was made from a mix of plastic clamshell and blister packaging, now in cardboard boxes. The change will save over 270 kg of plastic per year from landfill.

16th February:  2.4 Tonnes of Plastic Saved per Year

Digital Marking and Measuring Tools

The digital measuring range was moved from a plastic clamshell to cardboard, as part of our sustainable packaging strategy. The switch will save about 2.4 tonnes of plastic every year.

22nd January: Reusable Router Cutter Storage

Router Cutters Professional and Craft Pro

Trend is the leading brand in the UK for router cutters. There are three main ranges, the Professional Range, Trade Range and the CraftPro range, and with over 1300 router cutters available.

The Trend clamshell storage device used for the Professional Range and CraftPro ranges of cutters is designed to ensure they meet the key requirements of cutter protection and safe storage. The packaging for some router cutters also has compartments to store accessory ball bearings and hex key.

As the packaging design provided the best option for the tools it was decided that we would change the plastic from PVC to 30% recycled PET plastic where possible. This change began over 12 months ago, saving 5 tonnes of PVC plastic going to landfill at the end of life.

4th January: Sawblade Packaging Switch

TCT Sawblades

The Trend micro-granular Tungsten Carbide Tipped range of sawblades are designed for a professional finish in softwood, hardwood, hardboard, plywood and particle board, and offer a blade solution for every machine; whether it is a portable circular saw, mitre saw, or bench saw. As the blades are in high demand and the packaging used is a large plastic clamshell (double blister), it was decided that the first product category to change would be the sawblades, and from mid-2023 we began to switch to cardboard cartons.

The saw blade range comprises over 200 blades and it was identified that by changing from the clamshell to a cardboard carton that over 26 tonnes of plastic could be saved per year.

PCD Sawblades

The Trend PCD diamond saw blades will make the transition from clamshell to cardboard cartons.  Around 2.6 tonnes of plastic will be saved per year.