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The two part Contractor Hinge Jig is a portable fully adjustable block template set designed for recessing hinges in wooden doors & frames using a plunge router.

  • It is easy to use with minimal setting-up time, completing the job both accurately & quickly.
  • Used on-site & in joinery shops to increase productivity with excellent results.
  • Fully adjustable apertures for fire door requirements and renovation work.
  • Idea for fitting a new door in an old frame.
  • No need for marking out in the conventional way.
  • Quick & simple to set-up as the hinge is used as the pattern.
  • Clean & accurate recesses are achieved every time. Suitable for timber based doors & square butt hinges.
  • Can be used on both inside and outside doors, rebated frames and on maximum 1-inch thick fixed stops.
  • Use with a light duty plunge router with 1/4 inch collet.
  • Includes long reach 15/32 inch diameter with 1/4 inch shank TCT router bit and 1-3/16 inch screw-on style guide bush.
  • Adjustable edge guides with preset for hinge of 0.787 inch (20mm), 0.984 inch (25mm) and 1-3/16 inch (30mm).
  • Unibase may be needed.
  • Patent No. GB2490139
  • T4EK router requires a ref. UNIBASE or special guide bush ref. GB/T4/160.
Length min.
2 5/8" (67 mm)
Length max.
5" (127 mm)
Width min.
1/2" (12.7 mm)
Width max.
1 3/8" (35 mm)

Door sizes possible

Height min.
6' 5" (1956 mm)
Height max.
2100 mm* (6' 10"*)
Thickness min.
5/8" (16 mm)
Thickness max.
2" (51 mm)

* Please note for doors over 80 5/16" (2040mm) the bottom hinge will be higher than 9" up.

6.4 Ibs (2.9 kg)
Jig overall length
77" (1956 mm)

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Skeleton Hingejig Video

Demonstrates how to use the Skeleton Hinge Jig.

Lock Jig Video

Using the Lockjig to rout a door lock.

Product Questions

This is just a recommendation because of the heavier weight of the router which makes if difficult to recess the top hinge on the door lining or frame.

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If you fit a GB240 guide-bush, which has a 24mm diameter and longer spigor) and use a 20mm diameter cutter e.g. Ref: TR20DX1/4TC then it will work because the offset between the cutter and the guide-bush still remains 2mm each side.

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The corners need to be squared with a chisel because the router cutter leaves a radius. We offer a corner chisel ref. C/CHISEL which has a High Speed Blade for this purpose. The chisel is placed in the recess and hit with a hammer, this creates a square corner.

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Some heavy duty routers like the T12/T14 can be a little heavy to handle, therefore the T4, T5 or the T18S/R14 are best suited.

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