U*UNIBASE - Universal Sub-base with Pins and Bush (North America only)


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The Unibase enables routers with non-standard euro style guide bush fittings to accept the range of Trend euro style guide bushes.

  • Unibase will fit directly to a number of routers.
  • Line-up pin used with a 5/8 inch plastic euro style guide bush to ensure concentricity of the cutter to the guide bush when fitting the sub-base. Suits collet sizes 1/4 inch, 8mm, 12mm and 1/2 inch.
  • Instructions for fitting
  • The line-up pin fit into the collet and is plunged through the router base. The line-up bush is fitted into the Unibase and secured. This is then placed over the line-up pin and rotated in order to line up the fixing holes. The Unibase screws are tightened and then the line-up bush can be replaced with any choice of Trend euro style guide bushes. These range from 25/64 inch up to 1 3/16 inch (GB10 - GB32). For larger diameter cutters a 1 37/64 inch guide bush (GB40) is available.