U*S3/21X1/4STC - Two flute cutter 1/4 inch diameter


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Trend 6.3mm diameter Solid Tungsten Carbide straight Cutter - 1/4in shank, 28mm cut depth.

  • Ultra-durable Solid Tungsten Carbide construction for increased performance and strength in all materials including soft and hardwoods, laminates, ply, MDF and chipboard.
  • Two flute design for finer finish on all materials.
  • Single piece solid tungsten carbide manufacturing process allows increased re-sharpening opportunities for more economical benefits.
  • Better plunge cutting than standard TCT cutters for increased benefits when making slots and mortices.
  • Ideal for trade and hobbyist use for rebating, slotting and grooving work.
  • 1/4in imperial size diameter for use with matched sheet materials, ideal for fitting panels and drawer bottoms."
1/4 inch
1 7/64 inch
2 31/64 inch
Shank Diameter
1/4 inch
California Prop 65
See below for Safety Link - Wood Dust

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