U*DWS/KIT/D - Complete credit card sharpener kit


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A diamond whetstone kit giving four different grit sizes.

  • Kit comprises of:-
  • 1. A precision hand made double sided credit card size diamond stone.
  • Coarse 300 grit (50 micron) and extra-coarse 180 grit (70 micron).
  • Ideal for roughing gouges, HSS hollowing inserts, HSS coring inserts, scapers & repairing a damaged edge.
  • 2. A precision double-sided credit card size diamond stone.
  • Double sided combination of two grade of fine grit.
  • Designed for carvers and precision honing of keenest edge.
  • Ex-fine 1000 grit (15 micron) and 600 grit (25 micron).
  • Plate thickness 1/16-inch (1.6mm) for extra stability. Continuous diamond.
  • Ideal for fluted, shaped & small turning and carving tools.
  • 3. Lapping Fluid, suitable for use with all quality diamond abrasive products. Use instead of water to reduce the threat of rusting by 95%. Reduces possibility of clogging and improves diamond performance.
  • 4. Sharpening Booklet featuring hints and tips on sharpening all tools including router bits, sawblades, chisels, planes and knives etc.
  • 5. Cleaning block. Used to maintain life of stones.
  • Stones guaranteed for five years when used with Trend Lapping Fluid.
Coarse/Extra Coarse
Ex-Fine /Fine
Grit CC
300 & 180 (nom. 50 & 70 micron)
Grit CS
1000 & 600 (nom. 15 & 25 micron)
Credit card size
3-7/16 x 2 x 1/16 inch
Lapping fluid size
3.4 fl.oz (100ml)
California Prop 65
See below for Safety Link - Diamond Sharpening, Hand tools, Lapping Fluid

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How to look after your Diamond Sharpening Whetstone products.

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