U*AB/125/60Z - Zirconium Random Orbital Sanding Disc 10pc 125mm 60 grit


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  • SUPERIOR DUST EXTRACTION Elongated hole pattern ensures base compatibility and aids maximum extraction capability
  • EASY ALIGNMENT Unique punch pattern for easy extraction hole alignment for faster application
  • 125mm DIAMETER DISC Fits all hook and loop base 125mm random orbit sanders
  • 125mm RANDOM ORBIT APPLICATIONS INCLUDE Single handed sanding, heavy duty removal of old finishes, r rust removal and metal finishing, shaping and primary preparation of woodwork; easy control on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • ANTI CLOGGING OPEN COAT increased spacing between the grit particles of grains reduces clogging and allows fast stock removal especially on gummy, resinous timbers, fillers and paint removal
  • HARD SURFACE ABRASION Excels on harder materials, especially metals
  • SELF SHARPENING GRIT Grit maintains cutting performance by fracturing away in use to expose fresh, sharp cutting faces
  • 4X LIFESPAN Highly durable Zirconium grit maintains performance 4 times longer than conventional abrasives
  • DUAL RESIN BONDING LAYERS two layers of resin keeps the abrasive grit firmly bonded to the backer for increased lifespan
  • MULTI MATERIAL Ideal for use on wood, paint, metal and plaster
  • 3 GRIT OPTIONS 40, 60 and 80 grit for fast removal of old finishes, stock preparation, metalwork and shaping
  • HOOK AND LOOP FIXING Fast secure fix to the base and easy removal when working through grits
  • FAST CUT Coarse, extra-hard grits for fast cutting, ideal for stripping back old paint finishes, rust removal, heavy stock removal
  • LONG LASTING FILM BACKING Flexible backer minimises cracking and grit loss for long lasting sanding and durability
125 mm

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