As you progress with your router, expanding and experimenting with the features will enhance your abilities and increase the scopeof work you can achieve. Using the fence as a guide is common practice but it can also be used for decorative features.

A good exercise is to use it for parallel groove work. With only a few passes and adjustments it allows you to make simple but effective faux Shaker style panels or planked effects with just a V groove or smallcore box cutter. Experimenting with different cutters and fence positions will easily allow new designs and styles to your work.

Before commencing, make sure your workpiece has clean, straight and square edges and then mark out the panel with lines to indicate the areas to be routed.

Ensure the work is firmly clamped prior to starting. Make a test run with the router switched off to check that the clamps won't foul the router as you progress.

Using the fence, set the router to the first layout line on the workpiece , plunge until the router just touches the work surface.

Using the turret and depth post, set the depth of cut. It only needs 2 or 3mm to define a line that stands out enough to give the impression of a V groove.

Close the fence facings down for maximum support and the begin routing the first fence setting. Keep the fence firmly against the edge of the work and rout at a steady pace making the long through grooves first. Rotate the work and rout the second long edge


Reposition the panel to rout the cross grain grooves using the same fence setting. Plunge the router directly over the first long grain groove and progress steadily until the cutter breaks into the second long grain groove and release the plunge. The connected grooves will now give the impression of a rail

Finally, reposition the fence to make the centre groove. This groove is started and stopped within the crossgrain grooves to give the impression of a V Groove matchboard panel.

Once completed the stopped and through grooves will give an effective impression of stiles, rails and panels.

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