Trend offers a range of Diamond steels Domestic & Professional use.

Keep same angle as knife bevel on the whetstone. The angle is 20 degrees for most knives.

Stroke away from the body, alternating on each side of the knife. Light strokes will produce a finer edge.

  • Sharpens blunt knives easily in seconds.
  • Use with little pressure.
  • Sharpens all blades.
  • Professional & domestic use.

Unlike a traditional steel which merely re-aligns the edge (eventually leaving the blade rounded and blunt) a diamond steel removes material from the blade on each stroke maintaining a sharp edge.

Alternate strokes on either side of the blade, slowly and softly. Bring the knife down the length of the steel as shown in the diagrams.

Use a shallow angle for a fine or filleting edge. Use a steeper angle to achieve a boning edge. Clean with a damp cloth or a cleaning block.

Serrated/scallop edged knives can be sharpened by running the serrated edge up and down the length of the steel and then turn the blade over and one wipe on the flat side to remove any burr created. Exceptional life span.

Fine grit in 10" (254mm) or 12" (305mm) lengths available, ideal for domestic, butchery catering & fishing.

Knives can also be sharpened using the pocket or bench stone variations shown in the diagrams

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