Fast Track Sharpener

Sharpener Guide for Chisels and Plane Irons

Tapered Monocrystalline diamond stones offer four different honing angles for increased efficiency

4 different angle options for grinding and honing chisels and plane irons

Laterally sharpened edges are more durable & less prone to fracturing

Monocrystalline diamond stones for long life and consistent performance

Quick, accurate and repeatable keen edges every time


Dovetailed sliding action for easy control on chisels and plane irons.

Uses rotatable Tapered Diamond Stones for increased honing and reshaping options.

Achieves a consistent razor edge in seconds.

Centring Clip moves narrow chisels and blades central to the Fast Track for maximum stone contact.

Magnetic connection for fast simple swaps between stones.

Colour coded backs and grit number on each stone for fast identification.


  • Ideal for all chisels and plane irons from 3mm to 65mm wide.
  • Adaptable design, can be used by left or right handed users.
  • Fast, consistent and efficient; Ideal for novices, hobbyists and trade professionals.
  • Four Honing Angles 25°, 27.5°, 30° & 32.5° for increased honing and edge reshaping options.
  • Achieves a flat grind honing profile for maximum edge strength and increased durability.
  • Magnetic Stone Holders keeps each stone securely in place for safe, easy operation.
  • Supplied with 220 and 450 Grit Mono Crystalline Diamond Stones.
  • Colour coded backs and grit number on each stone for fast identification.
  • Diamond Cross relief pattern for faster swarf removal and increased efficiency.
  • Stones can be used dry or with Trend Diamond Lapping Fluid for the best results.
  • Non-Slip Base Nitrile rubber inserts to prevent slippage.
  • Extra stones, deburring plate and leather strop available to build the ultimate honing kit.