What's New?

At Trend, we are always developing innovative Time Saving products for tradespeople around the world. This is a collection of what's new from Trend. Click the images to find out more: there are photos, videos and plenty of information to tell you all you need to know abut these exciting products.

Trend Inflatable Wedge

A new accessory used for multiple applications; perfect for window fitting and has tight access capability, sliding into gaps as narrow as 2 millimetres.

Trend T33A Wet and Dry Site Vacuum Extractor

Our new Class M Wet and Dry Vacuum Extractor is available now with 99.9% capture and traps dust as fine as 0.3 microns and above. 

Trend Abrasive Range

Trend has even more choice in the Game Changing Abrasives Range with 18 NEW designs. High performance abrasives designed to tackle every aspect of sanding from aggressive fast stock removal through to fine finishing across a range of materials including wood, metal, paint, plaster and plastic.

The Router Surfacing Jig 

This is the ideal accessory for any workshop and always a favourite for flattening and thicknessing wide materials easily and safely.

Twin Pocket Hole Jig 

Adaptable and portable ‘Go Anywhere’ Pocket Hole Jig for new projects, strengthening and repair work in materials from 12.7mm up to 38mm thick.

Pro Multi-Material Worktop Jigs

A Game-Changer for Kitchen Worktop Installation. The incredible new Easy-Set window, featured on the 750 Pro and 900 Pro, allows you to measure and cut quickly and accurately from the FRONT edge of the worktop.

Trend Roller Stand

✅ Free running action for easy movement of materials. ✅ Increases Productivity and efficiency. ✅ Allows longer stock to be easily handled by one person. ✅ Can be used on commercial saw stands.

T32 Site Vac with Dust Extraction functionality 

Not only is it an M-Class machine, but it is also certified (2006/42/EC) for professional use. ...and with 800w & 20L capacity from a compact Vac, it's big on performance.

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