U*46/94X1/2TC - Guided profiler 3/4 inch dia x 1 inch cut


Trend Professional 1/2in shank bearing guided trimming cutter - 19.1mm diameter for laminate and template work

  • 19.1mm diameter X 25.4mm cutting depth bearing guided profiling cutter, perfect for templating and trimming work in timber, laminate and wood based materials.
  • 1/2in shank for heavier work, ideal for router table work with the template below the workpiece.
  • Ideal for trimming veneers and laminates and also for forming curved rebates and grooves with templates for increased diversity.
  • 1/2in shank for use in bigger routers and heavier applications with 'K'mark shank to ensure safe working practices.
3/4 inch
1 inch
3/4 inch
90 degrees
3 5/64 inch
Shank Diameter
1/2 inch
California Prop 65
See below for Safety Link - Wood Dust

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