U*342X1/2TC - Biscuit jointer Set


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For biscuit jointing of timber, man-made fibre and particle board with the router.

  • The set includes three sizes of bearing which set the correct depth of cut for the three sizes available.
  • A slightly longer cut than the length of the biscuit is required to allow some lateral play for easy alignment during assembly.
  • A water based glue (PVA) is used with the biscuits which will expand as the moisture is absorbed.
  • Boards are simply clamped together until glue is cured.
  • For larger boards, biscuits can be doubled up by making two passes.
1 37/64 inch
5/32 inch
19/32 inch
3/4 inch
29/32 inch
3 inch
Shank Diameter
1/2 inch
Groove depths
21/64 icnh, 13/32 inch & 1/2 inch
For biscuit sizes
No.0, 10 & 20
California Prop 65
See below for Safety Link - Wood Dust

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